About the Index

The PsyIndex tracks the leading stocks operating in the global psychedelics industry.

The index began on January 1, 2020 with an inception value of 100.00 points. The index is equal-weighted, giving the same importance to each stock in the index.

The PsyIndex is managed by CFN Enterprises Inc., which has full authority regarding listing approvals and adjusting the index and its methodology. Inclusion in the PsyIndex is not an endorsement or recommendation for any company.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Business Strategy: Companies must have a business strategy focused on the psychedelics industry, which includes companies conducting clinical trials or offering ancillary services, such as clinics. While businesses may have other divisions a meaningful portion of their operations must be focused on the psychedelics industry.
  • Exchanges: Companies must trade with an OTC Markets ticker to be included in the index. Note: The PsyIndex is being upgraded to support Canadian-only tickers in the near future.
  • Trading Standards: Companies must meet minimum trading requirements to be included in the index. Trading standards are reviewed on a quarterly basis and include minimum market cpaitalizations and trading volume.