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Universal Ibogaine Inc. provides ibogaine treatment to over 3,000 patients at its Clear Sky Recovery center. With a 10-day or less program, the company leverages a four step process using ibogaine to help addicts overcome  cravings and recover from addiction.

Ibogaine targets multiple receptor sites in the brain, simulates the production of neural growth factor, and resets the central nervous system. The long-lasting metabolite decreases or eliminates cravings and removes the overwhelming compulsion to use drugs for approximately two to our months following a treatment.

The company plans to complete a reverse takeover with R Squared Renewables to list on the TSX-Venture exchange in 2020 as Clear Sky Addiction Solutions Inc.

Management Team

Jeremy Weate
Chief Executive Officer

Jay Richardson
Chief Financial Officer

Shayne Nyquvest
Co-Chairman of the Board

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