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Anahit Therapeutics Ltd. is a Toronto-based company focused on the international cannabis and psilocybin opportunities in emerging markets.

The company's psychedelic division plans to cultivate psilocybin in emerging markets, including at its three farms located in Jamaica, which allow for low-cost operations for local and export markets. In addition, the company has a brand of beauty products made with a novel ingredient called Breadfruit, and has patented the extraction of the flower which makes it the first skincare line in the world to contain these beneficial active ingredients. The company intends to develop the product portfolio to include healthcare and customized products that incorporate functioning mushrooms.  

In addition to wholesaling these products in the pipeline, the company plans to operate therapeutic retreat centers for individuals to channel their personal, spiritual and emotional health through the use of psilocybin in a controlled environment. 

Anahit's cannabis division also includes operations in emerging jurisdictions, including farms that the company plans to use for high-quality outdoor cannabis farming, and a state of the art extraction lab that will be used produce high-quality extracts. Anahit's international cannabis operations are supported by Canadian technical experts, that introduce advanced methodologies to the company's owned (or leased) farms and operations.

Management Team

Sameet Kanade
Chief Executive Officer

Darren Carrigan
Chief Operating Officer

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